Duarte Bridge

IECCA has participated in joint venture agreements with several foreign companies for the different services we offer. Here is a summary, according to the service offered:

Supervisión an Design

From 1985, Harza Engineering Company of Chicago has been our main associate. With Harza we have developed part of the most important Dominican hydraulic projects, as can be seen in "Supervision of Engineering Project". In 2002 Harza finalized a merge with Montgomery Watson, creating a construction and engineering company now called MWH. For more information visit

In adition to MWH, IECCA has participated in association with Statkraft Groner, a consulting firm from Norway. In 2004 SWECO from Sweden acquired Statkraft-Groner, and now is called SWECO-GRONER. For more information visit

Project Financing

As explained in "Structuring Financial Solutions", IECCA has been responsible, along with Optimo Finance from Norway (see, to obtain the necessary financing for several infrastructure projects in the Dominican Republic.

Representation of International Companies
in the Dominican Republic

IECCA has represented NCC International AS. from Sweden, which has built in the Dominican Republic the Guaigui and the Brujuela Casuí projects for more than US $ 100 millions. For more information please visit

IECCA also represents Flowtite Andercol from Colombia, a GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic Pipes) manufacturer. This company has supplied in the Dominican Republic more than US $ 22 millions worth of pipes and accessories for the Brujuela Casuí project and for the Coraasan project. For more information about Flowtite technology visit

IECCA has also worked with Denmark’s EAC , a subsidiary of EAC Asiatic Company LTD. EAC mission –among others- is to be a coordinating partner in development and turnkey projects aimed at improving infrastructure. In 2002 signed a US $ 50 millions contract with Coraasan for the rehabilitation and improvement of the aqueduct and supply of goods for the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. For more information please visit

IECCA is working -at the present time- with Per Aarsleff (see Denmark, which, since 1947 has worked in fields such as infrastructure projects, foundation works and pipe rehabilitation. As a Coraasan’s subcontractor, Per Aarsleff is responsible for the design and construction of the improvement and rehabilitation of the waste water treatment plants in Santiago de los Caballeros.


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